Jon Sanders Music

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An uplifting collection of original uke and bouzouki Celtic, Afro/Arabic and New Age music. A "deeply meditative, impishly playful, jazz tinged" gem (Irish Times)

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    Jon released his new album Nada Brahma in NZ and then a wee virus took off and shut down the arts and most of the world economy. But the power of recorded music lives on. Download the new album here at www.jonsanders.hearnow.com and support him in these tough times. Or stream for free on Spotify or Apple Music, Deezer etc.  

So sit back and relax to these eclectic soundscapes. All concerts and performances are postponed until further notice. 

Five years in the making, Nada Brahma features an ecclectic blend of self penned afrofunk, celtic and Kirtan chanting styles reflecting the myriad of emotions in life. “I was inspired b the 1983 book Nada Brahma -the world is sound by Joachim Berendt which celebrates the universal vibration in all matter. Matter has a frequency therefore a pitch.  Therefore its music. This album hopefully acknowledges that and also captured the joy within as an authentic and positive expression of ourselves,” he says. It’s a progression of the “deeply meditative, impishly playful, jazz tinged” recognition Zoukelele received.

       Nada Brahma (2019) follows the success of Zoukelele (2014) and is currently featured on the Acoustic Calm Spotify playlist with over 3.2 million streams. It features more of the  Mali-inspired ngoni uke sounds alongside Arabic anthems on his hybrid bassouki, but also featuring Kirtan chants and Tibetan monks and a collection of world class musicians. Alol his music is available on this website or www.cdbaby.com and on Spotify and other download sites.

The "quantum leaping" music of Jon Sanders has circumnavigated the globe many times over the last 25 years, entertaining thousands of listeners along the way. His compositions for drop D guitar, bouzouki and ukelele have been covered by bands and used in film, television and radio and he has performed in an impressive number of bands in the modern acoustic scene - see Bio page.

His last three albums, Zoukelele, Latitudes and Twigs of the Neem Tree have been critically acclaimed, earning him the title of "bold explorer" and his music as "pure magic".

He is currently a driving force in the world music bands Alpaca Social Club, Dreimire, the folk trio Sanders Alley Geiling, Welcoming the Strange  and has also been making films and audio for meditation using Tibetan singing bowls tuned  to the earth's resonant tone of C#. His interest in vibrational healing music and giving workshops in this area is in demand.

Feel free to peruse the website and to contact him for further information, bookings or to purchase music.