Irish Times

"A bold explorer and an original thinker..quantum leaping. A canny musical curiosity that refuses to be boxed in" reviewing the Latitudes album

West Kerry Live

"The whole album is a therapeutic journey through music that shows Jon's love for the bouzouki and ukelele. If music is indeed therapy then Jon Sanders has a degree in it. The Bard of the Bouzouki and the Duke of Uke." reviewing Twigs of the Neem Tree.

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" This new album from Jon Sanders is a delightful product of an inventive musical mind with finely honed melodic sensibilities. It goes in, it goes round and it comes out sounding bright, bold and brilliant. " reviewing Twigs of the Neem Tree.

Irish Times

"There's an organic,  deliciously weathered quality to the collection that brings about a coherence to what is a highly disparate dozen of tunes. What strikes most is his subtle but confident compositional skills. A slow burning delight." reviewing Twigs of the Neem Tree.

Better Than Telly

"....Jon Sanders' finger popping neem tree vibe had already packed the punters off to 'Inverurie' to sample a single malt and watch the sun set over the glens. The first of several travelling songs, each sculptured into the ether with a dizzying array of instrumentation, arrangement and sheer joyful technical proficiency, it epitomised much of the repertoire: pure compositions that themsleves stand alone, to which a few words can set the scene and deepen the sentiments expressed." Live review of concert in Huddersfield on tour with Dave Alley 2012.

guest book for Elemental Offerings installation

"an amazing peace filled the room.....uplifting and grounding at the same time....beautiful....I came here with no expectations but oh the sensations through sounds and serenity are strong..its Zen, I felt totally relaxed after the film....lovely meditation space, well done.....a most beautiful experience...thankyou for the gift of peace in this place....a healing room with healing sound" comments made of the film Elemental Offerings and the accompanying soundtrack and art installationtuned to earth resonant tone C#.

Irish Times

"Borders melt, languages collide and unlikely rhythms tiptoe in between one another with agility. Jon Sanders is a guitarist with a rich history. Recently he's been experimenting with intriguing musical instruments and arrangements. Zoukelele is a celebration of the many musically elastic positions in which a bouzouki and ukelele might find themselves. 

Other hybrid instruments abound too (guizouki and ngoni uke) and the results offer a collection that stretches from the deeply meditative Walk With Me to the impishly playful Stromboli Stomp and the jazz tinged Wolf Whistle.

There are two albums here jostling for space here: a ruminant, meditative collection ad a loping,languid spice-mix that stretches from Mali to Ethiopia, the Middle East and what he calls Celtic Lands."